BC Dairy Association

The British Columbia Dairy Association (BCDA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a vibrant and sustainable dairy industry that supplies only the best quality milk and milk products to consumers across British Columbia. As the representative of all dairy farmers across BC (approximately 515 members), the Association develops and implements a variety of initiatives for both milk production and consumption. In addition, the BCDA supports the work of the BC Agriculture Council and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, and represents over 35 groups, committees and boards throughout the agriculture industry.


3236 Beta Avenue
Burnaby , BC  V5G 4K4

Tel: 604.294.3775
Toll-free in BC: 1.800.242.MILK [6455]
Email: contactus@bcdairy.ca
Website: http://bcdairyfoundation.ca

•    David Eto, Executive Director
•    Trevor Hargreaves, Director of Producer Relations and Communications
•    Liz Gurszky, Director of Marketing & Communication
•    Sydney Massey, Director of Nutrition Education