BC Chicken Growers’ Association

The BC Chicken Growers' Association was founded in 1957 as a non-profit organization to unite commercial chicken growers in BC and to work towards a more stable industry. The Association acts as a liaison between the chicken growers, other branches of the chicken industry and the government. There are 10 directors on the Association who are elected from, and by, the membership of approximately 340 producers. In an effort to increase public awareness and educate consumers, the BC Chicken Growers’ Association, in partnership with the BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Association, has developed Poultry in Motion – a mobile mini barn. This fully equipped mini barn has been featured at fairs, schools and agriculture events around the province.



PO Box 581
Abbotsford, BC  V2T 6Z8

Margret Duin
Tel: 604.859.9332
Email: bccga@telus.net
Website: www.bcchicken.ca/about-us/bc-chicken-growers-association.php